Objectives of the Society

The society has following objectives:


1.      To provide a common platform to Punjabis world over for their cultural, social and literary activities aiming at furtherance of Punjabi cause.

2.      To hold seminar, conferences and cultural fairs to identify and solve the hardship faced by Punjabi world particularly NRI Punjabis.

3.      To propagate and undertake traditional and Modern Public relation and media activities aiming at development of Punjab and Punjabiat.

4.      To recognize and encourage the exceptional spirit of Punjabis world over in their respective fields.

5.      To arrange and generate newspapers, radio and TV programmers acting as representative of Punjabi Zeal.

6.      To act and encourage opposition against social ills such as female feticide, dowry child labor and so on amounting threat to Punjabi fabric today and in future.

7.      To make sincere efforts to develop exclusive Punjabi media which gives special attention to rural masses of Punjab resulting to make Punjabis at per with best world community.

8.      To develop book culture in Punjabis with the help of various competitive, awareness and publishing activities.

9.      To hold special educative, training, counseling and other needed activities for upliftment of the children and women as per Punjabi traditions.

10.  To rise against AIDS, Drug addiction and pollution in particular by public educating exhibition and workshops.

11.  To undertake rescue, rehabilitation and development activities in case of national and international natural and unnatural climatic such as floods earthquake, wars, riots etc.

12.  To form branches and subsidiary societies at regional national and international level to achieve aforesaid aims.

The income and the movable or immovable property what so ever of the society shall be used for furtherance of aforesaid causes only. No monetary or any other form of profit out of the activities of society shall be made favoring any present or formally neither member of society nor any such member shall have any form of claim over any property or profit of society.


Constitution & Rules of Society



1.                  The General body has rights elect and select its Patrons and Advisors and to form committees and sub-committees to loaf after different aspects of the society such as: Media Wing, Social ills wing and Home for old wing etc.

2.                  Presence of Chairman and two of the office bearers or executive members in necessary to form quorum of a meeting.

3.                  Governing body members shall be elected and selected by the majority votes of or her governing body members. The sane shall apply on electing and selecting General body members also.

4.                  Any government, semi-government, corporate or any other form of employee can become member of society as the society extends not monetary profit to any member.


Rights, duties & powers of Governing Body


1.                  Society can accept donation in cash or kind or in any other legal form from Government, non-government and private organization, departures or person. It shall accept the grants in aid or other financial resources extended by State governments, Union Government, M.L.A., M.Ps. and others. The society can accept such cash donations in Indian and foreign currency or what ever form is legalized in India.

2.                  The society shall contact, seek help and extend its subsidiary had to UNISCO, ILO, UN, UNISEF and other international organizations on financial and social fronts for the furtherance of its own cases.

3.                  The society shall be sole proprietor of its properties.

4.                  The members shall have right to buy, sell, mortgage, land or utilize in any other form for the safe of aims and objectives of the society.

5.                  The society shall under take all needful steps to solve any form of legal, or in court or out of court disputes (whatever the case may be) coming its way at any stage and shall hire advocates, pay their fees and do whatever necessary for such situation.

6.                  The society shall open account(s) at its none in recognized banks in India and keep its property and documents of properties in lockers of such banks. The Chairman and treasure of the society shall run back accounts jointly in such banks.

7.                  Society shall spend funds according to the majority vote sought in its meetings called on agenda issues.

8.                  All the financial activities of society shall be registered in account books of society.

9.                  The society shall get the accounts audited through C.A., shall pay fees to C.A. get the spending and earnings enclosed by society members in their meetings.

10.              The society shall hold right to appoint employees on its own employees and salary conditioned for the furtherance of its objectives.

11.              The society shall hold right to form reform new rules and amend its existing rules with the majority vote in joint meeting of Governing and General Body members.




Main Activities and Achievements of Year- 2006


1. Organised a Seminar on �Book Culture in Punjab � Dr. Jaswant Singh from USA was felicitated for his mobile library service being carried out in rural Punjab .

2. Organised a Seminar on �Punjabi Journalism in Canada � and honoured. Amar Singh bhullar editor Hamdard weekly of Canada for his contribution to Punjabi language and press in Canada .

3. Honoured Kuldeep Deepak owner of Radio �Punjab Di Gunj� of Canada .

4. Initiated the movement against �Female feticide� in Punjab by organizing a first ever Bogh Ceremony for those unborn daughters who were found as skeletons in Pattaran. In the same context S. Darshan Singh SHO Ahmedgarh Dist. Sangrur was honoured for hospitalizing and adopting on abandoned female child.

5. Organised a Seminar to mark the death anniversary of Sultan-ul-Qaum Nawab Jassa Singh Ahluwalia in which eminent historians and scholars from all over Punjabi took part and brought forth the need of making films and documentaries on the lives of such great heroes of Punjab .

6. Chinmay- Ikk Sunheri Jiwan� a book written by Bhajan Singh from Switzerland and published by Global Media Publishers was released in a function.

7. Organised a seminar on �Problems faced by NRIs in Punjab � in which S. Harbans Singh Jandali from Dexy ( Canada ) was the Chief Guest.

8. Launched its own website gpunjab.com and on line Radio (Radio gpunjab).



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